Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

In the southwest of Iceland, were the international airport in Keflavik is located, is the peninsula of Reykjanes. Less than one hour from Reykjavik, and it has plenty of things to see and visit. This peninsula is known as Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark.

Kleifarvatn is amongst very beautiful lakes and the largest in the Reykjanes Peninsula, with easy access by road.

Kleifarvatn Iceland

In this area you will find the bridge between continents,Center Line Bridge America, a very interesting stop to see the two tectonic plates meet, the Eurasian and the North American. The visitor can cross the bridge and see that some people had left some locks on the bridge rail symbolizing their love, like the ones you can find in Italy.

Gunnuhver hot spring is also very beautiful place where you can appreciate the steam and the mud pools all around. Gunnuver is the largest mud pool and is over 20 meters wide. You can cross over with two different ramps by the mud pool. Do not be surprise by the smell of eggs, it is very common in these places as the ground spews sulfur and other odors in to the atmosphere.

Near Gunnuhver there is an important geothermal area which you will find this egg smell too. It is quite impressive to walk along the paths in the area at Krýsuvík.

Kleifarvatn Iceland

You should also take a break on this trip and go to any of the hot spots around the peninsula, such as Austurengjahver, Skátalaug and Brimketill.

Valahnúkamöl beach is formed by high cliffs that you can walk to the top of or you can see it also from the bottom and admire it´s beauty.

A good option is ending this trip in the Bláa lónið or also known as Blue Lagoon. A very famous spot to relax and spend an afternoon soaking in the marvelous lunar landscape the Lagoon has to offer.

Don´t miss out on the nature phenomena on Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.  We can also hook you up with a vehicle to drive the area at a great price.

Blue Lagoon Iceland