Few tips to avoid a rental car horror story

It can be pretty expensive to rent a car in Iceland and the least you want to be a part of is getting charged after you arrive to your home for something you did not do.  If you want some tips and tricks about how to find the best car for the lowest price, and not to have any surprising expensive cost afterwards, then this is the article to read!  I’m here to tell you how to avoid any extra expenses.  If you are renting a cheaper, older model then it is really important to be aware of the fact that you are not getting a brand-new car with no dents or scratches on it.


Upon arrival, you will make a report on the condition of the car and it is really important to mark in everything you see so you won’t be charged for something that was there before. If you want to be extra safe, TAKE PICTURES. If you notice some dent or scratches after you have driven away, call your car rental providers and tell them about it as soon as possible & take a picture of it. If you wait until you return you might be charged for it.

The insurances are different with each provider. The smartest thing is always to take the insurance bundle (Gold insurance, if that is an option with your car rental provider). With this package, you are as covered as you can be. But if you are on a small budget you might not always have that option. In order to be covered without the insurances it´s best to have a platinum card. With those cards you are completely covered, and there will usually be no self-risk.

There is a self-risk with all of the other insurances and that is why it is really important to always be careful even if you have the insurances. The insurances do lower the self-risk but they do not completely cover them.  Please note to be extra careful when crossing rivers in Iceland as you are never covered if you “drown” your rental vehicle.

        Photocredit @oddsteinn

Extras!!  We all love to have our vacations as comfortable as possible… BUT that also means more expenses. If you do not want to spend another 100 euros on extras. It is good to take the most important things with you on your trip.

Most important things for the best trip:


FM transmitter (if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth)

USB charger plug for the Cigarette lighter

Power inverter 

Wi-Fi/3G Router

GPS Navigation


Now the most surprising cost: GAS

Be aware that gas price might not be the same as in your region.