Best Iceland Hot Springs

  As you certainly know, traveling to Iceland without trying at least one hot spring is not a real trip to Iceland! Indeed, bathing in hot spots is a veritable institution in Iceland. Thanks to its geothermal activity, the Land of Fire and Ice enjoys plenty of hot springs all over the country. You will definitely not be able to visit all of them during your stay, but you will have the opportunity to relish a relaxing moment in the middle of the Icelandic nature, and so forth  wherever you are on your road trip. We introduce you the best hot springs amongst countless contained in Iceland.  Jump into your Iceland rent a car from us and seek exotic locations by your self.


Blue Lagoon Iceland

The first internationally renowned hot spring is obviously the Blue Lagoon, which is part of the must see in Iceland but also the 10 best spas in the world! This spa resort is certainly not natural, as its milky blue and opaque water comes from a thermal power plant, but numerous are the benefits for the skin. Have you ever imagined yourself bathing in a place surrounded by volcanic rocks? In any case, just go and you won’t regret the magical time spent in the Blue Lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon is located on the road leading from the international airport of Keflavik to the capital city, Reykjavik. Thus, plenty of tourists stop by either when landing to Iceland or at the end of their trip, on their way back to the airport, to leave completely relaxed of their adventure. Certain pleasures are priceless, and even more in Iceland! 


Secret Lagoon Iceland

The Secret Lagoon, situated in Gamla Laugin, was built in 1981 by a group of Icelandic who exploited the geothermal area of Fludir to set up this place. This lagoon is surely less touristic than the famous Blue Lagoon, but the fact remains that it is as fabulous as the Blue Lagoon. On the way to the Golden Circle, you will appreciate the calmness of the place after a long day exploring the various touristic attractions available on this itinerary. By renting a car, you will be free to stop whenever and wherever you want, savouring the magical moments at every steps of your Icelandic road trip.


Myvatn Nature baths Iceland

Constructed in 2004, Mývatn Nature Baths are an alternative to the overcrowded Blue Lagoon. This lagoon, created by humans, is located in the Northern part of Iceland and is one of the most authentic and traditional hot springs. You will not find something better to do after a long day tour in the north than ending in a hot spring while admiring a wonderful sunset, standing in a 36°-40° Celsius water! This 6 hour drive from Reykjavík is full of grand sights all the way!


Landmannalaugar Iceland

Landmannalaugar’s hot spring, which means “The people’s pools”, is about 5 hours drive from Reykjavik. To join this spot, you must have a 4x4 as you will be taking some F-roads but also crossing some rivers to access this essential place in Iceland. That is why renting a car is the best way to take full advantage of both your road trip and the landscapes you will contemplate on your way. This sight is also well-known for its gorgeous treks and surprising coloured mountains.  Car rental Iceland has many types of the right 4x4 to take you there!


Seljavallalaug Iceland

At only 2 hours from Reykjavik, you will find a hidden pool in Seljavallalaug, one of the oldest swimming-pool in Iceland, dated 1923.

This hot spring, totally natural, is accessible after a pleasant hiking of less than 20 minutes.

You could admire the water flowing directly from the rocks to the swimming-pool, for your own pleasure.

As this hidden location is less frequented, you will appreciate the peacefulness of this natural beauty in an exceptional setting, at the edge of the mountains surrounding you.



Reykjadalur’svalley is situated at approximately 40 minutes’ drive from the capital city of Reykjavik. In fact, it is preferable to have your own rental car to go to this marvellous place. It will take you about 1 hour hike to join the hot springs.

This way, you will enjoy bathing in these naturals hot spots, naturally heated thanks to the geothermal activity of the region, after a good hiking throughout the valley.

Nevertheless, you must be careful as the sight has 2 different hot springs: some are at 40°C, in which you can obviously relax yourself. But there are others at 100°C and where bathing is prohibited, you should understand why!

If you want to escape from the overcrowded hot springs and take pleasure in a priceless natural environment, this hot spring is made for you!

We hope these information, concerning the best Icelandic hot springs, will help you find the perfect spot for your next road trip in Iceland & please drive safely!